Writing is like…drawing, painting, shooting and so much more. They all need inspiration adorned with creativity. While some breath out creativity others need to breath it in…it’s almost like a secret partnership where sharing has no limits!

For me It might be called inspiration too for I believe that , consciously or unconsciously, we are moved emotionally by what we see and feel and therefore we are impregnated and sometimes ready to roll on our own!

For me it’s never a “copy cat” it’s more like a different interpretation, a personal reflection of an “inspiration”.

I miss it now but it’s only up to me…I gave to fill, feed all my senses and be a “hungry” receiver again!


I should be writing…


But where have all my words gone?

I should be thinking, imagining, creating but where have my ideas gone?

Maybe instead of “should” I must (and not “should”) use will, instead of “where” use here and with a little help from myself start a search within instead on counting on the without!

Give us a smile!



from scratch!


Now that the show was over, that the emotions have been folded, sorted out and tidied they were put away like the photos that were brought back to where they came from.

It’s a funny feeling, you want to know if the ones that are gone have a life after, do they hang on some wall, do they catch any eyes or are they hidden? It must one of the only times where hanging takes a positive twist. I know that now I should let go and let them live their own lives.

Coming back to reality, finding inspiration has been difficult. You tend to be harder on yourself, more selective and kind of feel “blind” for a while. You can say that it is the camera’s fault, the weather’s or the places you are but I would be lying mostly to myself !. I am having fun taking pictures and deleting more than what I am keeping…I finally learned how to do that!

I know that I will turn that page and start all over on a clean white one and it will be a pleasure. I already bought a brand new hard disk right after the exhibition, decided to unplug all the others (25,000 photos!) and I kept my promise. It’s a real treat to have just a few photos, well sorted folders and clean “desktop”! I am starting to scribble, doodle, scrawl and scratch some “things”.

Letting go the others leaves a craving eager to be fed…but….

“Don’t think of what you have to do, don’t consider how to carry it out!” he exclaimed. “The shot will only go smoothly when it takes the archer himself by surprise.”
― Eugen Herrigel, Zen in the Art of Archery


The Mask, by Ronnie Yarisal

Use of the present to go back to Art Geneva

Till today the snow flakes were comforting , the silence warming and my steps left no trace.  It was just right for cocooning…

Today is different, a thick fog has erased all, I felt gobbled up by a cloud, so….. I’ll use the present to bring in the (almost) past in glimpses 🙂


A Mask, by Ronnie Yarisal








Why look back


when you can look ahead, facing the road in front, the future. Why look back when the road is ahead…that is the question…but one of the conditions is to to be able to see the road a head, not just to imagine it, to perceive a light, not be totally in the dark. If I wanted to be pragmatic I would say that “driving” with your eyes in the back could be the worst idea for you and others…now can you see why I don’t drive any more? ( that’s today’s only joke)


I have to be honest, even if I try to bring in a smile on that rear miroir, what I see and read makes me wonder if it isn’t make believe.

I, myself, not the perfect example of a positive human being, sometimes tend to feel pushed to turn my head and find something to look at through the “rear window”. Even then, lately, when it rains,  it makes me feel like….

I wish I could cheer you up, I always start my blog with that intention and find myself “here”…missed my point again ?


Whether, weather or not



She never asked before so I didn’t have to answer. I was so used to it that the questions took me by surprise! “Are you talking to me ” I said ?  The usual conversations were positive, everything, everyone, every place was fine and even the weather was almost perfect…sometimes, to awake some excitement and emotions, I might have added some rain, made a normal day extremely cold or a dry gray one covered in immaculate white snow.

No imagination, just instinct to brake the habits, to bring some life to the conversation that had a tendency to stretch out mainly towards the negative realities of our already sick world. I just believe that there is a lot to live for so, with her, even if it was just a question of “whether” that made a difference I plunged and acted as that moments weather woman!

I don’t suppose that I am lone in that situation, time has passed, we aged and strangely questions arose…I have to get used to it…but should I answer them ? …that’s another problem.

Now let’s just concentrate on the snow!




Better late than nowhere

DSCF6419-ModifierOne month, 30 days where each day was a special one, each with a different flavor to savor and cherish.

It all started wit a gentle push, “with a little help of my friend”. I admit, I could never have the guts to do it alone. Courage isn’t really part of me, myself and I…although I admire it in others.

Going through 25.000 photos(and more), realizing most of them are repetitive, had NothingToRightAbout, were boring, and last but not least they didn’t “speak”…words didn’t flow, emotions weren’t unlocked. That’s when the most difficult part of the path started, it was like trying climb up a mountain by working my way through pebbles and rocks I had to eliminate with no looking back. I got lost on the way.

I was almost drowning while gliding among insignificant photos , just managed to save myself from being pulled down when a helping hand reached out to help me out => (make choices!).

That’s when you see the years that passed , that you need a fresh eye, someone close to you…then thoughts came together and words followed.

When the time came, I was as ready as I could be for the unknown, I came to term with myself!

To have made it  was rewarding, and finally I accepted that I could knock on other doors and smile in front of locked ones.

I am back…


It used to be really easy for me to write a post quite regularly. I would have ideas, images come up suddenly and jot them as they came. I always preferred to let the natural come out rather than trying to look for “sophisticated” words that would not even reflect my personality.

By the way, I am ( I don’t like) re reading myself as most of the time I can find mistakes that can make me change my mind and there fore loose the spontaneity. Lately, to my great sadness, I was unable to utter a word on paper or screen. I even thought that trying Tom Hanks typewriter would inspire me but then I decided not to pay for some inspiration, I had better pay to find the reason.

No, I didn’t need to go to a psytcologyste ( you were rejoicing I am sure!) but just reading, listening to the news, buying a paper was enough for me to get all the answers I needed. I was just facing the truth, the even harder truth for “US”…we who are always held responsable for most of the disasters in this world. I am tired of asking myself “why me? Why us?” History doesn’t change and hate is needed apparently in the making of human nature, and once the “remedy” is found why change “a winning team” ???

Today, that’s all I can say, I am not sad or bitter, I am just reflecting the facts. I am in a way being egoistic, making my auto therapy so that I can come back to this blog which I love. I should tell stories like I do tell through my new photos, and here I have much more space.

Thank you for reading me…


No communication No title
























watch me

At the air port

It’s name says it all, it is the portal to the air. Almost flying already. People seem much cooler and calm than they used to be. Than before the iPhone, iPad, Mac air, period…. I am soiry to be selective PC wise but I am ignorant on that subject …
As I was saying people are serene but don’t they seem more detached of their environments ? Are they aware of what’s going on?
Will they be if something happens and help?
Maybe commuting became easier but what about communication? We used talk to our neighbors in the planes now we are simply relieved when we are alone with our “machine”?
Here I am waiting for my flight and doing the same… Writing my blog, no listening around, egocentric ? Missing my flight?


I do love it!

Writing is a real way out, sometimes just jotting words on a paper, putting down phrases in a (lined) notebook feels like a self made therapy. I enjoy doing in cafés, especially the parisian ones…I miss them in Geneva.

Why make it complicated , just reading backwards what I wrote forward helps me realize the ridiculousness of certain situations I manage to put myself in, I know I am not the only one out there. Re imagine yourself as you read about yourself and you’ll find out so much.

I used to be so ashamed, ashamed of things I did or didn’t do. Things I should have said or not said, you know how it feel, I am sure…

So instead of mumbling, having useless regrets once it’s late or sometimes even cursing myself I decided to jot all down (I love writing with a pen!) so that I wouldn’t forget and I would remember …not to repeat “those”.

I have to admit that pages filled but I was still almost the same. Not sharing those, keeping them to myself helped on the edge.

1C8B4263Some like doodles, those are happy people with a sense of humour and the art of drawing.



(doodle by the great artist, D.H’fan, L.E!)

Other’s expose themselves through different ways of expressing themselves. It can be through words, images, photos, silences and you can name me more I am sure. What do I usual do, I talk about myself which at the end bores me for those who read me, (they are so lovely to do it still ) I realized that I left in my notebooks all the moaning I did/do and after certain filters (INKWELL) I pick what is “supportable” for my blog. I managed without fans and I think I will alway do (kind of have to) since I don’t talk of what’s “in subjects”…maybe. Can you imagine me doing a fashion blog or one with beauty advices…funny ones, telling jokes, and what about Philosophical or political ones?  At least I hope I made you smile just this once ! Life is great and I do admit it, I do love writing , I enjoy every word I put down naturally, instinctively …which leads to a page I don’t even re read too afraid that I will be ashamed and delete it … Hope you enjoy it a bit too . P1000468

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